Start promoting your track now with our different packs


We will place your track in two of our biggest spotify playlists.

12,00 $US


Includes all of STARTER Pack Services + An Article on our website (with a growing traffic of 3000 daily visitors) We will also post the artcile on our social media

20,00 $US


Includes all of the “STARTER Pack” and “RISING STAR Pack” Services + We create 3 professional motion design videos for social media 1 Story format video (Quick 15 sec song preview) 1 Post format video (Quick 30 sec song preview) 1 Reel/Tik Tok format video (4 fun facts about the track or the artist )

75,00 $US


If you have selected the STARTER Pack, dont forget to send the spotify url in the form down below, The track will be in our playlists withing 24H
If you have selected the RISING STAR Pack, dont forget to type in a breif discription of your project, and to send one or two pictures, so that we can put together a smashing article. The article will be available withing 48h!
If you have selected the SUPERSTAR Pack, Please add 4 fun facts about your track or yourself and our team of professional editors will create your motion design videos withing 5 working days!

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